Yoga and Meditation as Health benefits for students

What exactly is the meditation? 

Meditation is a relaxation. It’s not about the concentration; it is actually about the de-concentration. It is not about focusing on one’s thoughts at one thing, instead of on becoming totally thoughtless.

What are benefits of the meditation?

  • Good concentration and this is one of the most important things which one needs to keep in mind, and it is a great way to keep things in hand and make it easy;
  • Calm mind, this is a very important thing, and you need not think about anything else. This is one of the best ways of getting things done in the right way;
  • Relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind;
  • Improved communication; and
  • Better clarity.

Health benefits of the meditation 

With meditation, physiology undergoes change and each cell in your body get filled with prana (or energy). This results in peace, joy, better health, enthusiasm as the level of the prana in body increases.

On a physical level, meditation: 
  • Decreases tension-related pain, like, tension, headaches, insomnia, ulcers, muscle as well as joint problems;
  • It lowers the high blood pressure, levels of the blood lactate and reducing the anxiety attacks;
  • Improves immune system;
  • Increases the serotonin production, which improves behavior and mood; and
  • Increases energy level, when you gain an inner source of energy.
Mental Benefits  

The meditation also brings brainwave pattern in alpha state, which promotes healing. The mind gets fresh, delicate as well as beautiful. This cleans and nourishes you within as well as calms you when you feel unstable, overwhelmed, and emotionally shut down. So, with regular practice of meditation:

  • Emotional stability improves;
  • Anxiety decreases;
  • Happiness increases;
  • Creativity increases;
  • Problems become smaller;
  • Gain clarity & peace of mind; and
  • Intuition develops.

Spiritual benefits

Meditation does not have religion and will be practiced by anyone irrespective of faith that they follow.

Benefits of the meditation for students are:
  • More focus and clarity;
  • Greater confidence;
  • Greater dynamism;
  • Mental strength & energy; and
  • Better health.

The teenage years are a period of life when we’re stuck between school, sports, exams, tuitions as well as other activities that result in mental and health disorders. Many school-based management and wellness programs are encouraged to promote healthy living among students. Besides these programs, meditation and yoga directly help in contributing and improving mental focus and concentration among the students. Yoga soothes body and mind and helps to eliminate the social and the academic stress from students. Breath and movement combine yoga that helps to sooth cramped & jammed bodies.

Advantages of yoga in the student’s life 

When practiced regularly, meditation and yoga help in yielding positive results, which can be very beneficial for the students. Yoga also brings out a lot of potential outcomes in the students and other people. There are some benefits of yoga to students:

De-stress students- 

The family pressure, financial fear, academic performance standards, and peer groups are actually some reasons that might take student’s success in the school. The primary benefit is to eliminate the stress from the young students.

Sharpness & concentration 

Yoga has also proved to be the great importance of increasing the concentration power as well as the sharpness of the brain. Yoga movements offer time for body and mind to relax as well as include a high focus on the long, slow breaths and coordination of the mental concentration.

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