TruVision Weight Loss

TruVision Weight Loss: An Overview of the truFIX and truCONTROL

If you’ve been paying attention to any weight loss conversations and forums around the internet block, then you will no doubt have heard of the TruVision weight loss double-whammy – TruFix and TruControl. The two weight loss supplements are designed to help users effectively regulate their weight within desired limits.

We don’t need to get into the adverse effects of being overweight in too much detail here, but we can all surely agree that we welcome any dietary supplement that will help us stave off the risk of conditions and diseases such as cardiovascular distress, respiratory disorders, heightened blood pressure, among others. We’ve all heard more than enough about them. The beauty of this supplement combo which comes in their distinctive blue and orange containers is that they only require you to take the two pills once a day for a couple of months to realize the benefits. They can be a real friend and helper for you on your weight loss journey.

TruVision Weight Loss Effects:

1. A Reduction in Appetite: They will help us keep away from the excessive calories by putting a lid on our body’s demands.

2. An Increase in Energy Levels: We won’t be lacking in the energy required for an active lifestyle even when cutting back on our calorie intake, a common side-effect of reducing our usual food consumption.

3. A Reduction in Food Cravings: Excessive eating can be a bad habit that grows out of hand, leading to unhealthy weight gain. These supplements can help reverse the trend by regulating our body’s desire and hankering for food above a set point.

4. Help in Maintaining Blood Sugar as well as Insulin Levels: By giving us support in regulating our calorie intake, they give our bodies a helping hand in keeping its insulin and blood sugar levels within optimum ranges, keeping us out of the diabetes danger zone.

TruVision Weight Loss Ingredients

Here’s a look at the TruVision weight loss ingredients contained in the TruFix and TruControl supplements and what exactly they do in our bodies:


Green Coffee Beans: These go a long way in helping us regulate our blood sugar, maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, as well as boosting brain function.

Rasberry Ketones: This is an enzyme that’s used in the production of adiponectin, which is a hormone used in the regulation of metabolic deviations.

Cinnamon Bark Extract: This again helps us manage our blood sugar levels and so takes us a step closer to our weight loss goals.
TruVision Weight Loss

Alpha Lipoic Acid: This is a fatty acid whose function is to help convert fat and glucose into useful energy. It also plays a role in neutralizing the potentially harmful free radicals within our bodies.

Zinc: This plays a part in boosting our immune system function as well as giving us a boost in strength.

Copper: This mitigates calcium loss while assisting in the production of red blood cells.

Chromium Polynicotinate: This aids in the regulation of glucose levels and energy production. It will also help our bodies build lean muscle, which helps in the weight loss effort.

Selenium: This is an immune system booster.

Vanadium Chelate: Helps in the production of insulin, which is instrumental in the regulation of blood sugar and glucose levels in our bodies.

Magnesium Oxide: This is an aid to our body that supports some of the various chemical processes it undertakes.


Green Tea Extract: Contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) that helps us shed weight.

Octodrine: A stimulant that boosts energy levels, keeping us active.

Cocoa Powder: This has vitamins and other compounds that bring about lifts in moods as well as a ‘full’ feeling.

Caffeine: This acts as a catalyst for some of the other substances that support weight loss.

Vitamin B6: Helps break down fats as well as prevent water retention.

Evodiamine: Keeps fat uptake at a minimum as well as stimulating metabolic function.

Ferrous Fumarate: An essential element in the supplying of iron to the body, boosting our energy levels and keeping us fuller for longer.

Hordenine: A natural compound of phenethylamine that increases our energy levels and metabolism.

Bioperine: Contains an active component that helps our body’s fat-burning functions.

Dendrobium: Gives us an energy boost to keep us active and keep off the weight.


All in all, TruVision weight loss is a timely intervention that has come to the aid of many of us making our way along the road to optimum health and well-being. The praise and popularity are not misplaced. Try it out for yourself and let it work its magic.

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