Reclaiming Intimacy with Lawrence Supplements PHGH Vaso Formula

I have a very alluring spouse, though his looks are just one of many reasons why he fascinates me. Even at the onset of 43, I’m still as engrossed in him as I was the very first time I set my eyes on him. Nevertheless, as he has progressed in age, he has experienced a few inevitable physical changes. While most of his best qualities have not changed in the slightest, his firmness and fortitude have considerably declined.

Though I wouldn’t openly disclose it to him, I find a huge difference in his bedroom game compared to the old times. Operating under a hectic schedule topped up with working overtime and the few pounds he has gained around his belly (his doctor pointed out that these factors could lead to cardiovascular complications) have affected his current performance.

To curb his menacing situation, his doctor recommended an online hunt for dietary supplements that would deal with his low libido and risk of suffering cardiovascular complications.

The PHGH discovery

Though he mentioned that the doctor had recommended that he includes more heart-friendly food to his daily diet, he was reluctant to talk over his health issues. He disclosed to me that the doctor had advised him to use a vasodilator supplement, which in addition to supporting a healthy heart, acts as a libido booster and sustains a stronger erection. This announcement electrified me. I didn’t want to trouble him with the particulars so I went ahead to search online for the best supplement for him without even discussing it with him first. That’s how I came across PHGH Advanced Vaso/Capillary Expanding Male Lifestyle Supplement vasodilator.

The very first visit to the Lawrence Supplements website was enough to convince me that PHGH was the perfect nourishment for my tasty, alluring spouse. Its blend of natural ingredients which deal with hormone production, cardiovascular complications, hormone production, energy, libido, and stamina levels made it the ideal solution for his set of problems. Moreover, I discerned we could depend on the nourishment since it was developed by a professional expert – John Lawrence. Wisdom of age has led to his discovery that regardless your age, sex always counts. Here’s an outline of the nourishment that allowed us to enjoy mind-blowing sex we could have never imagined in our 40’s.

What is the PHGH Formula made of?

The Lawrence Supplements PHGH formula is fortified with these all-natural herbs, made specifically for male enhancement:

100 mg of Tribulus Terrestris – This is a renowned compound that enhances the production of testosterone – the dominant male sex hormone. High levels of testosterone improve stamina, libido, energy, and sperm count.

250 mg of Arginine – This is an amino acid which increases levels of nitric oxide in the blood stream, hence enhanced cardiovascular performance and stronger erections, which require blood flow.

50 mg of Tongkat Ali – This tree is also known as eurycoma longifiola. Besides being an enhancement for libido, energy levels, stamina, and sexual performance, it has been recognized as a real aphrodisiac for centuries. This is one of the most important ingredients in PHGH.

10 mg of Epimedium – this herb has a rather peculiar, yet suitable second name – horny goat weed. It has been used for generations as an aphrodisiac. It is rich in icariin, a phytochemical which offers pro-erectile physiognomies.

Maca – This is probably the most popular herb for increasing testosterone levels and male performance. Traditional Chinese medicine-men used it to enhance virility, stamina, and general health. In the modern world, it has been used to enhance sperm mobility.

Reclaim your life with Lawrence Supplements’ PHGH

My partner and I have been so happy since we incorporated PHGH into his daily diet. He is relishing enhanced bedroom performance and boosted self-confidence. This makes me glad that we took this step together. We are also enjoying greater intimacy in our marital bond. The source of our fulfillment is not just his enormous erection and massive energy, but his achievement of better overall health. He has even gottne the motivation to lose some weight around his beer belly. He is happier and a lot less stressed at the end of the day, as opposed to before this change.

I’d recommend that you talk to your doctor about PHGH right away and try it with his or her approval. Unlike other remedies for erectile dysfunction, this product from Lawrence Supplements is all-natural and benefits overall health, particularly cardiovascular health. It’s time to reclaim your life, your health, and your passion! 

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