Lifestyle As A Student In London

With a lot of higher education institutions that are set in and around the city, London is the most attractive place you can study at.  London is not for everyone; lots of prospective students are quick to dismiss this city as an option and put off by the high living costs. However, the student life of London is different to the campus life elsewhere, and this is one of the best things a student can get. London is a great place to stay and Study. People from various cultures meet there all year around.

Whereas it should be acknowledged that the rental prices are highest in the United Kingdom, there are also a lot of benefits for living in the capital of the U.K. Student discounts are all over the place, and a lot of nightclubs run student nights during the week to make sure expensive nightlife is not the issue. London is an also a great city to work in part time as a student given that you can get a visa.

The transport network is good and affordable, particularly with the Student Oyster photocard. Moreover, the density of London means many journeys will be possible by foot, and 24hour buses make sure night out don’t require you paying for a taxi. One dilemma that actually affects many potential students that live close to the city is the idea that they will be moving far away from their home. However, the lifestyle and cultural differences and diversity it offers to make sure you won’t regret your decision of moving away from your family.

Major lifestyle advantages of living or studying in London are the nightlife and the food markets, which are situated in the center of the town. Universities like Royal Holloway that is a part of the University of London, or Brunel University, are located out of the city and may offer the different experience on what students may expect while moving to study in London. Another benefit of this city for students, which is not considered by many until they actually live, is the power of the connections you will make there. Even in a globalized world, there is little substitute for the proximity.

The status of London a major Finance capital means the employers, including banks like HSBC, and media companies like BSkyB, publishers like Penguin and all types of the business, choose to locate their headquarters in London. Lots of employers give opportunities like networking events or interview training that are advertised through the London universities themselves. Moreover, great internships are available within the city.

Of course, everything comes down to the personal preference. London is one city on the long list of the options, and before deciding, prospective students must weigh the costs and benefits. However, London is one of the best cities in Europe to spend your time in and enjoy.

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