What I Have Learnt After Getting My First Actor Headshots In LA

Apart from an acting resume, headshots are also quite important especially for aspiring actors. Having the best headshot photographs will usually be more helpful when looking for acting auditions. As of now, Los Angeles can boast of being the home to the finest  photographers. If you are looking to have a nice headshot of yours taken, worry not. Below I’ll take you through things to consider when searching for a headshot photographer in LA.

Actor headshots cost

With knowledge of what various actor headshots cost, you are able to go for a good and affordable headshot. Most actor headshots Los Angeles range from $99 to 1000$ or even higher. Majority of the photographers usually work independently. Normally, actor headshots are priced per session. You are able to find the pricing of the photographers on their websites. Additional things that are included in their pricing are also listed on their websites. If not, you should contact them by emailing or calling so that they can you give the information you need. Most headshot photographers do their pricing in several packages. The packages differ in; number of looks, length of photoshoot, DVDs/USBs and printing of the headshot. Based on how good the photographer’s package is, it can be broken down into four groups. The four groups include are; budget, good, expensive and overpriced. Hair make-up is usually excluded in these packages. The pricing of hair make-up goes for around $100-$200 per session. Now we will go into small details on each of the group;


It ranges from $100-$150. They are the cheapest and it is usually hard to find headshot photographers with this pricing. As it goes, they are not with the quality to easily book acting auditions. If you have to get a headshot in this price range, I’ll recommend you upgrade later to a better package once you are able to afford either of the other packages. However, when voice over work is in consideration, budget package can serve the purpose.


  • Good

It ranges from $150-$450. It is a good pricing especially for beginning actors. You are able to get a good headshot with impressive quality just under $500. Finding headshot photographers with this pricing is not hard. I’ll prefer one to take a headshot on this price range rather than saving on the budget package.

  • Expensive

It ranges from $500-$800. For a beginning actor, I would advise you to go for this pricing. Considering hair-make up pricing is excluded, it becomes very expensive for an artist who isn’t already established. On the other hand, it is good for professional actors who have no financial difficulties. Headshots based on this pricing are of good quality and very professional.

  • Overpriced

It is priced over $800. If you are not an already established actor, I see no reason of going for these highly priced headshots. Mostly big names in the film industry go for this package.

Finding an acting headshot in LA

It is not difficult to find a professional photographer for your acting headshot. Nowadays, we have an easy way of searching for information we want to know. I am talking about Google. Yes, with Google you can search for best photographers around LA. When using Google, you will have to do some extensive research in order to identify the best. Other than that, you can interact with fellow actors and they can direct to the best photographers in LA.

How is the Headshot session?

Generally the whole experience is simple. It is much fun doing the session provided your photographer is a fun person. So what do you do before the start of the headshot session? First of all, there is setting up of the shoot. After doing your research and you have identified your photographer, set up the date and time for headshot session. It is important that you prepare in advance before the session to have a more successful headshot. You will then proceed to meet with your photographer on the agreed upon date and time. The session could be carried indoor or outdoor. Having some chit-chatting with your photographer is also important as it increases chances of a successful headshot. It is during this period that hair and make-up can be done. Once all this is done, the headshot session starts. 30 minutes to 2 hours, that is the time period that most session would last unless it is a more complicated thing.

Finally, you will be given a DVD or USB flash once you and the photographer have gone through the work that is if you are satisfied with the work. At this stage you can also get some of the headshots get printed if you want.

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