Get to Know More About Maggie Q – Actress, Artist and Activist

Maggie Q is not just the stereotypical Hollywood star. She doubles up as a passionate artist and activist whose primary mission is to offer wellness whenever she can. She has quickly established her reputation with her fans in various ways. First of all, she is very generous and has plenty of empathy for the needy. She is also strongly driven by the conviction that we all deserve happiness and healthy lives.

Maggie Q: The actress

Q is a Honolulu, Hawaii native, but has trotted the globe with the aim of solidifying her acting career. She is highly noted for taking tough roles in numerous TV shows and movies. Her claim to fame was being casted as the lead character in the popular TV series ‘Nikita.’ She has as well taking leading roles in ‘Divergent,’ ‘MI-3′ along with ‘Live Free or Die Hard.’ Q hooked up with her fiancé Dylan McDermott during the production of ‘Stalker.’ At the moment, she plays the role of Hannah Wells alongside Kiefer Sutherland in ‘Designated Survivor.’ She has as well being featured as the lead character in the video game ‘Need for Speed: Undercover.’ Yet, her progress in acting was not strewn with roses. While still very young, she relocated to Japan and attempted to fund her college education through modeling. With no more than $20 and basically no knowledge of Japanese, she bravely stood her ground. Her tenacity in the long run paid off, when she met Jackie Chan. He quickly discerned her great potential as an action starlet, and even taught her to perform her own stunts.

Maggie Q: The activist

While most stars are content with just paying lip service to the idea of giving back, Q takes it to a whole new level. She has time and again lent her name and reputation in showbiz to advocate for the needy. She has even co-produced an insightful documentary ‘Earthlings,’ which is based on the human reliance on the animal kingdom for financial gain. This film expounds at length on the ways we take advantage of animals as companions, for food, clothing, scientific research and even entertainment. Q is very passionate on PETA Asia missions that promote vegetarianism. She believes being vegan can be of great help to us, our health, the environment as well as the animal kingdom. She has being quoted severally stating that her decision to stop eating meat was one of the greatest milestones in her life. In 2008, Q was picked as the person of the year by PETA Asia-Pacific. Still, she doesn’t just advocate for human and animal rights alone. She has also conducted a lot of research in the health and nutrition fields as well.

Maggie Q: The health advocate

During the past 10 years, Maggie Q started to experience a number of health challenges at the same time. She experienced immense fatigue, swelling and inflammation of her digestive system together with insomnia too. She consulted many physicians, but to no avail. This, however, changed when she consulted Dr. Edison De Matto, who ultimately assisted her to regain sound health. They instantly connected and went on to work together to help people experience optimal health. The end result was ‘ActivatedYou.’ This is a brand of top quality dietary supplements. It also a platform which facilitates for discussions among individuals who have health related challenges. Q strongly believes our health and well being should not only be concern of physicians. According to her, we have to be proactive about it too. She is deeply convinced that good nutrition is one of the key ways of doing this. ActivatedYou is destined to be a practical platform where extremely busy persons can be able to obtain fast and precise info, post their comments and even solicit for advice.

Maggie Q: A great inspiration to many

Maggie Q, as you can evidently see, lays a strong emphasis on generosity and good health in all the various activities she is involved in. As such, she is fully convinced that there is a fundamental co-relation between our health, the well being of animals and ecological conservation. This particularly deeply entrenched belief has permitted her to be in a position of engaging numerous people from all walks of life. Her objective in this context has always been to enlighten us on the exact steps we can take to safeguard the planet as well as ourselves, and more important our posterity.

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