Best Cities To Work In Technology

Scoring cities by the commute times, available funding, cost of living, as well as other factors reveals top tech centers in the world. Silicon Valley is actually known across the globe as a cradle of tech innovation. For now, it is home to the biggest startups companies, from Google and Apple to Slack and Uber. More hopefuls beat a path to the locus in hopes that the cluster effect may bolster the chances of success. However, analysts say that Silicon Valley might not be the best place to stay and work even when your dream is work in the tech industry. There are so many options, and with lots of them in the US that people should probably still focus on going to work in the US to achieve their dreams.

Moreover, the world is filled with people who are not realizing their potential, in large parts because the cities they work in does not provide opportunities or living conditions essential for success. Apartment search startup RadPad mined the rental data and combined this with the salary reports from the Anthology’s tech jobs, they found the current median cost for 1 bedroom apartment within half a mile of companies such as Uber, Google, Twitter, or Airbnb at San Francisco is coming up 42% to 54% of the software engineers’ salaries. Prevailing wisdom from Census Bureau suggests just 30% of the income must be spent on the housing for this to get considered affordable.

Cities To Work In Technology

Expert Market analysts actually pulled top global cities on list and scored them as per eight factors:

  • Seed funding
  • Time to begin business
  • Average salary
  • Startup output
  • Average rent
  • Cost of living
  • Average commute
  • Paid vacation

Scoring was on scale from 1 to 20 (and 1 being best and 20 being worst), and all factors were weighted equally. The additional data was given by the World Bank’s living cost index. The idea was often that the tech hubs are ranked based on economical factors, with the people forgetting you need to live at these cities. For this reason, we added in the quality of life to find balanced ranking of the top 20 tech hubs. The tech hubs are ranked based on economical factors, and with the people forgetting you need actually to stay in such cities. In sharp contrast, the Expert Market’s analysis placed Berlin, Austin, and Toronto at top three, respectively, all thanks to the balance of the business growth, salary, and affordable rent.

Here is a list of the top cities to work in tech: 

  1. Austin
  2. Berlin
  3. San Francisco
  4. Toronto
  5. Tel Aviv
  6. Boston
  7. Amsterdam
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Paris
  10. Montreal
  11. Seattle
  12. Bangalore
  13. Moscow
  14. Vancouver
  15. London
  16. Chicago
  17. Sydney
  18. New York City
  19. Singapore
  20. São Paolo

Expert Market found Berlin offers best tech center location spot because of “massive startup opportunity and combined with the low living costs.” However Berlin’s top asset is the average commute time and also the cheap cost of living there compared to the salary you get.

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