Autoimmune Protocol Diet

Autoimmune Protocol Diet- All You Need to Know

Autoimmune disease is considered as an epidemic in our society that is affecting around 50 million Americans. Although it is found that it occurs due to genetic predisposition, another reason for it is the environment. According to experts, your diet and your lifestyle are key contributors to autoimmune diseases. Because autoimmune disease is directly linked to our food choices and how we live our life.

The AIP abbreviated as Autoimmune protocol is an approach to chronic disease management that focuses on providing nutritional food to the body. It is useful for gut health, hormone regulation, immune regulation, and tissue healing. AIP diet simply helps in removing inflammation from both diet and lifestyle.

The Autoimmune diet focuses on providing balanced and complete nutrition and recommends avoiding processed and refined foods. The AIP lifestyle advice is to take sufficient sleep, manage your stress, and do activities that are important immune modulators.

AIP Diet Overview

Autoimmune Protocol Diet, also known as the Autoimmune Paleo Diet developed to reduce inflammation and reduce autoimmune disorders. In autoimmune disorders, a person’s immune system attacks its predisposition result in fatigue, pain, swelling, and skin changes.

Autoimmune diseases symptoms are at their worst which are followed by periods of remission when symptoms ease. This diet helps your body relieve autoimmune disease symptoms by eliminating the food that irritates the gut or causes inflammation in the body.

You can carefully try food according to diet at one time to see how your body reacts. It also helps identify whether that food is OK for your health or not.If you are suffering from autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto thyroiditis, psoriasis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or inflammatory bowel disease then AIP diet may be the option you should choose after discussing it with your doctor.

AIP recommends some food in the diet that includes vegetables, fresh fruits, tubers, minimally processed meat, fermented probiotic-rich foods, natural sweeteners, vinegar, minimally processed vegetable oil, and certain tea such as green tea.

These diets are generally used to identify food allergies and intolerances. After finding, you can eliminate foods or ingredients that may be problematic for you.

AIP diet

Does the Autoimmune Protocol Diet Work?

According to various research on the AIP diet, some evidence suggests that it helps in reducing inflammation and symptoms of autoimmune diseases. It may also help heal a leaky gut. Because when you eat food according to the AIP diet it can influence your gut’s immunity and function. Researchers also include that healing leaky gut with the AIP diet also reduces inflammation a person experiences.

The AIP diet has been tested on people and yielded seemingly positive results. In a recent study of 11-week, people with an inflammatory disease on the AIP diet have comparatively fewer symptoms. Participants also get improvements in bowel frequency, stress, and the ability to perform leisure or sports activities.

According to another study, 16 women having thyroid (an autoimmune disorder) affected by the thyroid gland followed the AIP diet for 10 weeks and decreased 29% to 68% disease-related symptoms. Participants also reported that they get various other improvements in their quality of life too by following the AIP diet.

AIP Diet Meal Plan (Weekly)

This meal plan can be tailored to people with any specific autoimmune condition. You can start following the AIP diet by following this meal plan.


  • Breakfast- Breakfast Sausage Chicken Poppers with lots of fruits of your choice
  • Lunch- Ground Beef Stir Fry
  • Dinner- Turmeric Chicken Curry


  • Breakfast- Breakfast Sausage Chicken Poppers with lots of fruits of your choice
  • Lunch- Sardine Salad
  • Dinner- Turmeric Chicken Curry


  • Breakfast- Breakfast Sausage Chicken Poppers with lots of fruits of your choice
  • Lunch- Turmeric Chicken Curry
  • Dinner– Ground Beef Stir Fry


  • Breakfast- Mexican Breakfast Skillet
  • Lunch- Spinach Avocado Chicken Burgers with fries of Sweet Potato
  • Dinner- Ground Beef Stir Fry


  • Breakfast- Mexican Breakfast Skillet
  • Lunch- Sweet Potato Fries with Spinach Avocado Chicken Burgers
  • Dinner- Hamburger steak with Sweet Potato Fries


  • Breakfast- Mexican Breakfast Skillet
  • Lunch- Hamburger Steak with Sweet Potato Fries
  • Dinner- Hamburger steak with Sweet Potato Fries


  • Breakfast- Cauliflower oatmeal
  • Lunch- Spinach Avocado Chicken Burgers with Fries (sweet potato)
  • Dinner- Avocado Tuna Salad with plantain chips

Foods to Eat and Avoid?

There are several foods groups that should be considered if anyone is following an AIP diet:

AIP Food List You Should Eat

  • Vegetables: All fresh vegetables except for nightshade vegetables and algae
  • Fresh fruits: you should eat a variety of fruits regularly in moderation
  • Tubers: Consider yams, sweet potatoes, taro, Jerusalem as well as Chinese artichokes
  • Minimally processed meat:– You can consider meat whenever possible – pasture-raised, wild, grass-fed. In addition, wild game, fish, seafood, organ meat, and poultry.
  • Fermented, probiotic-rich foods: Non-dairy-based fermented food such as Kombucha, Kimchi, pickles, coconut kefir. However, you can also use probiotic supplements to meet the body’s requirements.
  • Minimally processed vegetable oils: In oils, olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil are considered good for health.
  • Vinegar: Balsamic, red wine vinegar, and apple cider vinegar or which are free from added sugars.
  • Natural sweeteners: You can use natural syrup such as maple syrup and honey, in moderation
  • Certain teas: You can intake green and black tea up to 3–4 cups per day

AIP Food List to Avoid

There are several foods groups that need to be avoided if anyone is following an AIP diet:

  • Nightshades, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Alcohol
  • grains
  • legumes
  • dairy
  • Some vegetable oils
  • All food additives, such as added sugars and refined
  • Preservatives
  • Coffee

Benefits of AIP Diet

Autoimmune diet has various benefits if followed regularly and effectively. Moreover, it’s a fact that diet alone may not be able to reach health goals completely and effectively. You should also do proper exercise. If Autoimmune protocol diet and workout combine together then it will be easy to reach fitness goals and prevent you from autoimmune disease.

Restores Gut Integrity

The first benefit you can consider of an autoimmune protocol diet is that it works as a healing diet. It helps in reducing inflammation to relieve symptoms and restore the integrity of your gut.
AIP diet simply puts focus on eliminating foods that cause inflammation and help restore gut integrity and prevent the leaky gut syndrome.

Boosts Beneficial Bacteria in Your Gut

According to research AIP diet boosts beneficial bacteria in your gut. The beneficial bacteria in a gut plays important role in every aspect of health, from immune function to weight control and much more. AIP diet not only helps in alleviating symptoms of autoimmune diseases but can also promote the overall health gut microbiome.

Helps You Learn More About Your Body

With the help of the AIP Diet, you can learn more about your body and keep you aware of how your diet can impact your health. Therefore you get motivated and follow a nutritious diet that is beneficial for your health even in the long term. When your body meets nutritional needs your body gets active and prevents itself from diseases.

Identifies Foods that Trigger Symptoms

The AIP diet helps you figure out which foods may trigger symptoms for you. However, it may be challenging diet to follow initially, but learning which foods you should eliminate from your diet will prove really valuable. In this way, you can understand which food you should avoid reducing symptoms that affect your body.

Rich in Nutrient-Dense, Healthy Foods

The AIP diet is rich in nutrients and free- from processed foods. It consists of anti-inflammatory foods such as vegetables, fruits, etc.

It’s not only for people having autoimmune disease, but anyone can get benefit by following AIP nutritious diet. Because healthy food in your diet can protect you from chronic disease and reduce nutritional deficiency risk.

Helps to Reduce Inflammation

The biggest benefit of the AIP diet is that it is helpful in reducing inflammation. By eliminating specific foods from the diet and adding workouts to your lifestyle can reduce the symptoms of autoimmune conditions and leads to overall wellbeing.

May Decreases Symptoms of Autoimmune Conditions

According to research, participants reported that the AIP diet has improved the way they feel and reduce various autoimmune disease symptoms such as fatigue, chronic pain, and brain fog. Studies have also found that an autoimmune diet helps in improving symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease which is considered as a class of autoimmune disorders having symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea.

Are There any Possible Side Effects?

You may get low blood sugar and adrenal fatigue with this diet because of eating lower carbs. Because lower-carb sends your body into starvation mode. Therefore it may have negative effects that your body may not get enough energy which may decrease thyroid function as well. A low-carb diet may also result in irritability, fatigue, and lethargy.

Final Thoughts

There is not enough evidence to confirm that the AIP diet is beneficial for autoimmune disease and reduces inflammation. However, some research also indicates that certain foods could make autoimmune disease symptoms worse. That’s why processed food and high-carb food are on the list of food you should avoid following the AIP diet.

Anyone starting a strict elimination diet should take care that he/she prevents themselves from getting nutritional deficiencies. Also before following AIP Diet, you should discuss it with your doctor.

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