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Apple TV 4k | Design, Processors & More

Apple Inc., the Cupertino California-based technology heavyweight, is known for its wide array of high-end consumer electronics products that include smartphones, smartwatches, smart speakers, and so on.

One of the most popular high-quality home entertainment devices from Apple Inc. is its Apple TV series, the Apple TV 4k.

What is Apple TV?

The Apple TV is an all-inclusive media player where you can rent or buy movies, listen to music, play games, subscribe to premium Apple TV channels, and access the tech giant’s Apple TV+ streaming service. Apple TV also allows users to access other applications from the internet.

The home entertainment setup has two versions, and the Apple TV 4k supports 4k Ultra HD and HDR video. To use it, one has to plug it into an HDMI port on their TV and use the remote to follow the internet connection instructions on the screen.


  • The Apple TV 4k has several high-end features. These are highlighted below.
  • 4k resolution
  • Both 32GB and 64GB storage options
  • High frame rate HDR support
  • Dedicated app store
  • Compatible with third-party controllers for gaming
  • Pairs with Airpod and Airpod Pro for personal listening

Design, Appearance and Siri remote

The Apple 4k is a compact black box with a glossy, matte finish that measures 1.4 inches by 4 inches square on the design and appearance aspect. The lid features a subtle Apple logo. The front of the device has a single white LED to indicate power input and output. The rear of the smart TV is an HDMI 2.1 port that supports up to 4k@120Hz and an Ethernet port.

Apple tv 4k

No doubt, the improved Siri remote is one of the major highlights of the Apple TV 4k. It is thicker and heavier, being 64g. As a result, users have commended it for being more substantial and heavier in hand. Its slightly curved design makes it easier to pick up from flat surfaces. The Siri remote has only a few buttons and a wheel that offers users click, swipe, and touch-based control.

Processors and Internal

The Apple TV 4k runs on tvOS 14. This slick operating system is more intuitive and clear than the ad-packed competitor alternatives. It allows users to organize their library of apps into folders as they do with the iPad or iPhone. Certainly, the tvOS is heavily inspired by the iOS. This makes using it a familiar experience for people already part of Apple’s ecosystem.

The Apple TV 4k also runs on a faster A12 Bionic chip that avails GPU boost, faster video decoding, enhanced gaming, and better audio processing. In addition to the enhanced boost in general performance, the A12 Bionic chip enables Apple TV to support high framerate content. The Apple TV 4k also features the technology giant’s virtual assistant, Siri, to enhance the whole home entertainment experience.

Should I Buy Apple TV?

If you are particular about your home entertainment system, you want to remain at the edge of the technological advances in that space. Then the Apple TV is a must-buy.

The 2nd Generation Apple TV 4k

The 2nd generation Apple TV 4k was introduced in April 2021. This high-end home entertainment device is an upgrade from the previous one. It also features an A12 Bionic processor that supports high frame rate HDR, Wi-Fi 6, and HDMI 2.1. It can also pair with the ambient light sensor on iPhones with Face ID to enhance its color performance.

Apple tv

Apple TV vs. Netflix vs. Amazon Prime

Of course, the Apple TV has been set up against competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, we still find this home entertainment device from Apple better than the latter two. In addition to better features, the users can access the content at a much more affordable price than either Netflix or Amazon Prime. Furthermore, they will get a 7-day free trial.

Customer Review

The Apple TV 4k is exceptional. Its compact design makes it easier to fit in the home. The operating system is also intuitive. We did not have to struggle to find out how to maneuver from one point to another. We also liked the redesigned Siri remote.

It is a perfect upgrade from the previous ones. You do not have to push it to the edge of the surface to pick it up due to its curved design, and it can be picked on the spot. The only thing I didn’t like about it is it doesn’t support Netflix, but it’s something I can live with.

How to Buy Apple TV?

The Apple TV can be bought in Apple Stores. It is also available on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

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