All You Need To Know About Best Flooring

A lot has changed since Sidney Feldman founded Best Flooring in 1953. For instance, this company’s original name was Craftsman Floor Covering before the name Big Bob’s Indy took over, though there have been several name changes. Residents of Indianapolis know Best Flooring as a brand that has been in the market for a while now. It engages in the floor covering business. If you are searching for Carpet Stores Indianapolis be sure to check out Best Flooring.

The firm became Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet in 2008, as a segment of Big Bob’s Carpet and Big Bob’s Flooring. The two are owned by Dave Elychar who started the business in 1983. He had a great impact on Best Flooring in its early years. Today Best Flooring is no longer a part of Big Bob’s entity. However, the experience gained through the partnership over the years is what has kept us competitive. Our Big Bob’s Indy premise in Indianapolis exists because of Big Bob’s Carpet and flooring. Actually, it is now called Best Flooring.

When we decided to work with Big Bob as Big Bod Indy, we knew this would lead to a better thing. At Big Bob, we helped clients with their flooring needs. We dealt in overstocks and even mill overruns. We looked out for great deals, and the network the Elychar had created made it easier getting them. We would then offer the products at affordable rates to our clients.

We gave them a chance to see the products and decide what they wanted for their floors. The business was active meaning there was always new flooring products for consumers. Today, Big Bob goes by the name Best Flooring, as mentioned earlier.

Jeff Dawalt currently owns the best flooring. 11 years ago the company was certified by NHQ. It has received awards for excellent work several times. For example, for two consecutive years, it took home Davis and Estridge Homes Award as the subcontractor of the year.

We offer a variety of flooring services. We also help with inspection before closing a deal. We are behind Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s floor. We also handle their Habitat for Humanity floor needs.

Best Flooring is currently located in Indianapolis from its Broad Ripple location. We have high-end premises and a warehouse as well. Indianapolis enables the firm to attend to the ever-increasing number of customers.

Too much of history, it is time to look deeper into the flooring products offered by Best Flooring. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and attend to your concerns. No more ‘blind’ shopping for flooring materials. This section lets you understand our products better.


There are different hardwood options depending on your lifestyle. For instance, hardwood flooring for someone with pets differs from that without. You can get high quality, scratch free hardwood for your space. Be sure that you understand the maintenance of such floor before investing in it.

Stone and tile

If you do not love hardwood, Best Flooring’s tile and the stone option should excite you. With the diverse colors, patterns, and designs available. Be sure to find something that suits your needs. If you want to take care of a floor that experiences a huge flow of people, this is what to choose.


This one looks like the other three type of flooring. Laminate flooring helps you create the illusion of hardwood, tiles, and stones that you want. Its major merits are affordability and easy maintenance.


Like laminate, they resemble tiles, stones, and hardwood flooring. There is a variety of choices depending on color, sophistication, and quality. Vinyl flooring is strong and water resistant.


If you love carpet flooring, your search for high-end Carpet Stores Indianapolis is over. Best Flooring has you covered. This type of flooring is the commonest, easy to fix and maintain. There is a wide range of carpets to choose from depending on the decor of your space and your taste as well.

At Best Flooring, we care about our customers. We help with installation of window treatments and floors. We invest in every product and service we offer to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are the DIY type, we have products designed just for you. All you need to do is send us an email, call or visit our store in Indianapolis. Let us find you appropriate products within your price range.

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