310 Shake vs Herbalife Shake

310 Shake vs Herbalife Shake: Which One Wins?

Meal replacement shakes are a great option for weight loss warriors, and there are a multitude of options available. Herbalife has been one such giant in the market which has been doing really well for its sales. However, since 310 Nutrition has come out with a host of new options and formulas, there is an additional potential giant in the market. In this article, we will be making a comparison between the benefits of using 310 Shake vs Herbalife Shake and which of these two is better for the larger goal of weight loss and the one that could be your better weight loss shakes.

310 Nutrition 310 Shakes Focus on Weight Loss

310 Shakes are a must have for those on a journey of weight loss. They’re power packed with their Tri-plex plant and whey based proteins and a host of other supplements to maintain a healthy profile and stay put on the ideal weight goal. They effectively curb hunger and so a person consuming a 310 Shake is satiated for 3-4 hours in just 90 calories per serving.

Herbalife Nutrition Focus

Herbalife’s protein shakes like Formula 1 are not specifically focused on weight loss, although they do market them like a meal replacement shake. They cannot block hunger pangs and do nothing exceptional in the formula to aid and abet weight loss per se. However, some of the ingredients offered by Herbalife shakes are more powerful.

Protein Offered By 310 Nutrition: As Good As It Gets

A 310 Shake offers uniquely patented Tri-plex proteins which is derived from peas, hemp protein and brown rice protein for the plant-based formula. While Herbalife shakes offer the same 90 calories per serving, their nutritional profile is somewhat disturbing.

Which One’s Better?

When you review a nutrition shake, there are a few things that you need to look for – including the calories it offers (the lesser, the better), whether it’s all natural and also how effective it is.

Let’s review and see if both these shakes are as good as they claim to be.
310 Shake vs Herbalife Shake

The Use of Soy

Herbalife bases most of its protein on soy, which itself is a much-disputed ingredient. After the soy fad died down, it was medically proven that in addition to triggering allergies, soy consumption may be associated with stunted growth patterns, increased levels of toxicity in the kidneys and potentially putting women at risk for breast cancer.

Additionally, soy in its interaction with isoflavens behaves like estrogen, which really messes up healthy hormone levels, especially for women and young girls.

Moreover, soy is also responsible for inhibiting the body from absorbing essential elements like zinc, magnesium and calcium, which really is counterproductive to the whole exercise of healthy meal replacement options and defeats the entire purpose of weight loss for better health.

Genetically Modified?

Another interesting fact is that soy-based Herbalife offers an option which specially features a non-genetically modified soy option – thereby implying that the other Herbalife options do use genetically modified soy.

310 Nutrition, on the other hand, completely does away with soy and has no derivatives whatsoever, genetically modified or otherwise.

Sweetening Agents

310 Shakes rely on naturally occurring stevia for sweetness, which has been largely recognized as a safe option. So a person taking one or two servings of a 310 Shake is safe from any glaring side effects of artificial sweeteners.

Herbalife, on the other hand, uses fructose as its sweetening agent. This was really surprising because, fructose on its own has a lot more sweetness than the deadly high fructose corn syrup itself.

Moreover, fructose may be very harmful to those with Type II Diabetes, may promote obesity, may mess with insulin levels in the blood, and does nothing to curb hunger or satisfy the consumer.

Fructose as a sweetener in a health-promoting meal replacement drink is absurd and really should not be there. Moreover, stevia has no contribution towards the calorie value of the product, but fructose definitely does.

So where is this 90 calorie projection of Herbalife coming from? For 310 Shakes, we know that it comes from pure proteins and definitely not from fructose.

310 Shake vs Herbalife Shake: Conclusion

310 Shake does seem to be the better natural choice. Herbalife does promise a few things, but ultimately they fall short of providing a safe, healthy meal replacement shake.   

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