Using VR to Create Engaging Virtual Tours of Your Property

Virtual tours give people a view of your property in a way pictures alone cannot match. It feels like you are there, and you can see every inch of the property with incredible detail. Whether this is a shop or a residential property, a virtual tour is a huge assist in attracting attention and money.

People these days rely on the internet for everything – including where to go shopping and choosing a property. By giving visitors to your site a full, detailed view of the property, you increase the chance of them choosing you. 

VR is not just the future – it is the now. People love what these kinds of tours can offer. They want more of it. When they see that your property uses VR, either available through desktop browsing or with a VR headset, they immediately want to see it. 

Using these types of tours can create engagement amongst your customers or potential buyers or renters, as well as give you an edge over the competition. It is a valuable yet overlooked way to bring people to you. 

Using VR for Virtual Tours 

A perfect example of a VR virtual tour in Google Earth. When you go down to Street View, you can see everything from the view of the car or person. You can move down streets, drag the image to look around you, and, in some instances, go into buildings. 

Street View on Google Earth uses a 360-degree camera to record everything around it. It seamlessly stitches together the images to create a realistic representation of the surroundings. You feel as if you are there, walking or driving around the area yourself. 

You can find this view everywhere from cities to villages to mountaintops to, yes, shops and inside buildings. While Google certainly led the way in the use of VR virtual tours, it is not the only one out there. More and more, businesses are realizing its appeal and value. 

You can begin creating your own virtual tour. This will give people a personal, first-hand look at the property in ways that single photos alone cannot. 

Camera and Software

Google, as mentioned, uses a 360-degree camera. While Google’s is costly, there are options on the market for the average consumer. These cameras will work similarly to Google’s camera, stitching together photos to create a 360-degree view. 

The downside is that these cameras only have one purpose – 360-degree viewing. Since they can cost well into the hundreds, and more for higher end brands, it is a large amount to pay. It is worth it for the simplicity and effectiveness, but not so if you only plan to use it once. 

An alternative to 360-degree cameras is a regular camera. A regular camera cannot take 360-degree shots, nor can it translate that directly into VR, but there is software available to make up for that. 

Any camera that can take a panorama shot is a usable alternative. If you have a camera that can, simply take panorama shots of the room and upload them to your computer. After some editing to clean them up, you can begin using software to turn them into VR. 

There are several software options on the market for turning panorama shots into VR. Do research into which one works for you, based on budget and needs, and use the one you pick. For most of them, the process is simple and straightforward. You should have no trouble getting the result you are after. 

Upload and Enjoy

With the VR virtual tour done, you can upload it to your website. Anyone who visits your site will be able to explore the tour. They can drag it around and see your property as if they are there. It gives you a huge advantage over the competition. 

Every part of this is simple, too. You can accompany a tour with photos and video to give a complete look if you would like. All of this together will give visitors a full view of your property. 

Residential, commercial, or industrial. No matter the building, the use of a VR virtual tour is helpful and effective in driving attention to you. It gives you an edge in a competitive market and it grabs consumers’ attention. 

Written by Rowan in November 14, 2017
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