Unique Ways To Celebrate Fathers Day In San Diego

When it comes to fathers day deciding on what to give him is a very tough decision, like how many more ties does your father need? The amount of ties we give as presents to our dads can easily be turned into some funny fathers day memes, because it’s a lot!

So here are some fun activities you can do with the best person of your life and maybe make some funny fathers day memes of your own? As a cute memory?


What’s more exhilarating than zipping around an indoor track at speeds up to 45 miles per hour? At K1 Speed near downtown San Diego, Dad and his crew can compete in 14-lap heats against the clock. If you’re planning a group of 8 or more, you can reserve the entire track and race only each other. Just remember to let Dad win on his special day.


As the famous question goes, “why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good aircraft?” The answer: because it’s fun! It may sound intimidating or even scary, but it’s thrilling. You’ll roll out of the airplane at 13,000 feet connected to a tandem instructor, then free-fall for about one minute at approximately 100 mph. During your seven-minute gentle glide down, you’ll take in spectacular views for miles around.

Indoor Skydiving

If jumping out of a plane is more than Dad can handle, maybe indoor skydiving will be a better option. While ‘indoor’ and ‘sky’ may seem like a contradiction in terms, you can enjoy the simulation of free-fall in a high-tech wind tunnel. Compressed air will lift you up just like you’re flying. Certified flight instructors will train you and then be with you during the whole experience.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Rather than falling from the sky, how about climbing to reach it? If Dad craves adventure, but in a safer environment, massive indoor climbing structures might just be what he wants to try. No matter what your age or skill level, there are countless indoor rock climbing challenges.



What could be more fun than blasting Dad with paintballs? You’ll have even more fun with low impact paintballs that are smaller and burst easier at San Diego Paintball Park in Claremont Mesa. You’ll run through obstacles dressed in protective gear while you pellet your whole family with exploding color. Refreshments are available between rounds.


Bike Rentals

It may have been a while since Dad has been on a bicycle, but like the old adage goes – “just like riding a bike” – it may sound a little funny and you may want to make one of the funny fathers day memes about it but all come right back the second he hops on. No matter where you are in the county, you can check out the sights on a bike. Remember to wear safety gear, and bring water and snacks, or pack a healthy lunch to enjoy when you’re all ready for a break.

Gone Fishing

If Dad loves the great outdoors, how about a road trip to one of San Diego’s 20 gorgeous lakes to help him get back in touch with nature. These hidden gems feature a variety of activities the whole family can enjoy together. Some offer fishing, boating, hiking or horseback riding. Many have picnic and grilling areas where you can cook for your hungry crew.

If you can’t spend time with Dad while enjoying one of these fun activities in San Diego, how about treating Dad to the gift of a clean car.

Written by Dwayne Marquis in May 25, 2017
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