MCT Oil and Quest Protein Powder for Weight Loss – All you need to Know

What is MCT Oil?

Also known as Medium Chain Triglycerides, this product contains a type of fat that is digested differently than long or short chain triglycerides. Its importance is incredible for followers of the ketogenic diet since MCT’s are ingested through the liver for a cleaner and faster conversion to energy, instead of using the digestive system as LCT’s and SCT’s do.

What is Quest Protein Powder?

It is a meal replacement shake option that focuses its strategy on the low sugar and carbohydrate content while including 22 gr. Of protein per serving.

MCT oil benefits

MCT oil benefits

Certainly, MCT oil seems like an alternative option, but the truth is that this impressive product brings multiple – not so easy to find- benefits to the table.


This product’s highlight is the fact that it is an important partner of the ketosis diet. Many people focus on this product because it helps the body build up ketone levels in the blood. However, they do not realize that they can achieve the same effect from MCT oil without having ketones in the blood.

Weight Loss

This is probably the most polemic topic among the sector. There have been a number of studies that back up the mindset this product works with. There were comparisons between individuals using LCT and MCT during 4 to 12 weeks, proving that those who consumed MCTs shed more pounds than those who consumed LCT. According to the study, the leptin receptors were inhibited, producing a state of satiety that resulted in a reduced consumption of food.

Skin and gut health

This MCT oil contains Lauric Acid, which is antibacterial and antiviral, so it stabilizes the bacteria, fungi and viruses contained in the body. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce acne.

Brain fog elimination

The fact that it contains less carbon than SCT’s or LCT’s, makes digestion faster, releasing the energy faster and providing quicker clarity to the consumer. MCT’s do not need any addition energy to digest or metabolize it into the body, so it can be turned over into clean energy.

Quest Protein Powder Benefits

Quest Protein Powder Benefits

There are lots of benefit of Quest protein powder. Here are some health benefits of this protein powder that are supported by different studies.

High-quality protein

The first important benefit of this meal replacement shake is the fact that it provides a mix of whey and casein, perfect ingredients for those people who want to promote muscular hypertrophy or even better if they are looking to shed some pounds. In this sense, the source of protein is important to highlight.


This is another aspect in which this shake does wonders. The fact that it provides only 100 calories per serving makes it one of the strongest points in the market. This will heavily speed up the process of losing weight


Instead of using sugar, this tasty weight loss shake uses sucralose. This means that there absolutely no sugar in the beverage, something that all athletes thank and appreciate.

How do Quest Protein Powder and MCT Oil Work?

On the one hand, meal replacement shakes are a way of satisfying the body with a beverage that will make you full, avoiding those awful cravings and keeping your diet on track.

On the other hand, MCT oil looks for a specific fat that is digested in a different way than the rest, metabolizing it through the liver for the promotion of a ketosis state. This state is very important for those who are looking to lose some weight as it drains the fat stores contained in the body.

What is Everyone Saying About It?

In both cases, they are quite controversial in their own way. The MCT oil is controversial due to its Paleo nature. Some people believe that the benefits of this product are incredible and they affirm having reduced sizes, while others think this leads to the state of ketosis, considering it dangerous.

In regard to Quest Protein Powder, there are two divided poles. One of them like the product because of its taste and components, while the other side claims not being nutritious enough, as it does not have enough vitamins and minerals.

Risks and Warnings Associated with Quest Protein Powder and MCT Oil

The risks associated to the Quest shake are completely linked to the use of sucralose, an artificial sweetener contained in the beverage. There have been some concerns in the past in relation to the use of this component as it has been linked to some side effects like faulty digestion, weakened immunity and migraines. Nevertheless, this happens to a really small number of people.

The risks associated to MCT oil are barely visible. However, it is important to take into account that it stabilizes the gut, so it will probably take you to the bathroom a few times at the beginning.

Final Thoughts

These two products work very well altogether and will do wonders in terms of weight loss. If you are a Paleo beginner, try to take it easy at first and then increase until the recommended dose. This can be a huge change in your lifestyle and it can become unsustainable if not handled correctly.

Written by Rowan in September 21, 2018
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