Castor Networks wins UN tender for Internet for British military

Amsterdam, 23 October 2017 — Castor Networks is pleased to announce it is the supplier of internet for some 400 UK soldiers who are deployed in 2 large camps in South Sudan as part of the UK effort to support the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). Castor provides 4 separate VSAT links with dedicated capacity of 10’s of Mbps.

The UK troops are based in Malakal and Bentiu and are providing human relief for the refugees in those areas. In Bentiu there is a medical hospital.

Teleport Burum

Castor provides both the Internet backbone and the Wi-Fi network coverage to the camps. The internet backbone operates on Castor’s C-band networks over Africa, which connects the camps directly to European internet out of Castor’s Teleport in Burum, The Netherlands. The internet enables the 400 soldiers to keep in touch with their relatives via social media. The local Wi-Fi network is managed from Castor’s HQ in The Netherlands and also covers the hospital, allowing to share medical data.

Castor installers implemented the internet under difficult conditions the camps were still being built. Castor won the UNOPS tender earlier this year. Edwin Cras, Managing Director of Castor, states: “UN tenders are very competitive and attracts worldwide bidders. Castor Networks was selected based on its strong local presence with local staff In South Sudan combined with a successful track record for previous UNOPS connections and long list of other NGO projects.”

Simon Bell, Project Leader of UNOPS, commented: “Castor have a good track record and put the most convincing bid together. We have been pleased in the cooperation with their team and management. We like the quality of their internet, judged by some in the camp as the best yet seen in South Sudan. Despite challenges of logistics and bad weather Castor implemented the internet in accordance with the strict timelines of UNOPS.”

Note for editors
For more information, please contact: Edwin Cras, +31 88 6460101 or

About Castor Networks
Castor Networks is a global satellite service provider and teleport operator. It operates a global maritime Ku-band network serving vessels word-wide and a regional satellite communications network serving NGO’s, Mining Energy, Government and local business in Africa.

Castor Networks headquarter and Teleport facilities are in The Netherlands, the Company has offices in Central Africa Republic, France, Italy, Mexico, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and South Africa. Its services to land based customers are offered under the Castor Networks brand and while Maritime and on-board IT services are offered under the Castor Marine label.