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  • Yoga and Meditation as Health benefits for students

    Yoga and Meditation as Health benefits for students0

    What exactly is the meditation?  Meditation is a relaxation. It’s not about the concentration; it is actually about the de-concentration. It is not about focusing on one’s thoughts at one thing, instead of on becoming totally thoughtless. What are benefits of the meditation? Good concentration and this is one of the most important things which

  • Lifestyle As A Student In London

    Lifestyle As A Student In London0

    With a lot of higher education institutions that are set in and around the city, London is the most attractive place you can study at.  London is not for everyone; lots of prospective students are quick to dismiss this city as an option and put off by the high living costs. However, the student life

  • Best Cities To Work In Technology

    Best Cities To Work In Technology0

    Scoring cities by the commute times, available funding, cost of living, as well as other factors reveals top tech centers in the world. Silicon Valley is actually known across the globe as a cradle of tech innovation. For now, it is home to the biggest startups companies, from Google and Apple to Slack and Uber.