A Child is Waiting: Generous Hayden loves the country life – and Legos

Builds, Rides, Shares

“Hayden is a fun-loving kid with the gentlest heart anyone could ask for,” said his adoption worker. “If you said you were cold, he would give you the coat off his back. He is sweet and thoughtful. When he earns prizes, he often gives them to others to make them happy.”

She adds, “He’s smart and often creates Lego ‘masterpieces.’ He has mechanical inclinations and likes to tinker with things to figure out how they work.”

Twelve-year-old Hayden loves the outdoors and staying active, and he enjoys Hot Wheels and remote-control cars, skateboarding, mowing the lawn and riding bikes, four-wheelers and tractors.

Future dreams include farm life and a towing business


“I love nature and country life,” he said. “I’d like to have a farm and, when I’m an adult, I’d like to own a towing company — and old-fashioned cars.”

In school, Hayden works hard and wants to be where his peers are. “There are times when he struggles dealing with the past,” his worker said, “and he has a rough day here and there. He tends to be tough on himself, reflecting on things he has been told in the past.”

A home with pets

“If there are parents who can put in the time, patience and understanding Hayden needs, he could be very successful,” said his worker. “His current progress is very good, and he is on the right road.”

Hayden needs a home with two parents who would support and assist him with his educational needs and provide consistency with medical and mental health (taking to therapy) care.

“Hayden needs a home where he is the only child or has just one sibling,” his worker adds. “And he would love a home with pets, especially a cat and dog that he’s been able to choose, himself.”

Hayden hopes for a “forever family” that is ‘loving and can do lots of activities.’

“We could ride ATVs, vacation, go camping and to museums,” he said. “It would be a loving, warm home where people love you and don’t think mean things.”

“We try to make sure the kids have something to open on Christmas that they’d really like,” his worker said. “Last year Hayden and I were talking and I asked him what kind of gift he wished for. He said, ‘All I really want for Christmas is a Mom and Dad.’”

For more information, contact Orchards Children’s Services of Southfield at 855-694-7301 or visit

Written by Kevin in November 16, 2017
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